Best drones to buy in 2015: Check out the best sellers!

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Important Factors to Look For in Camera Drones, UAVs and Mini Drones

Choosing a drone can be an overwhelming experience. Apart from the growing number of models being introduced these days, finding that one product which best suits your needs and goals in mind can be challenging. More so, as there are certain types of drones built to cater to specific functions while there are also other UAVs and quad-copters that can handle varying operations with overlapping functions.


Best Camera Drone

Camera drones are actually UAVs with details specifically focused on the built-in camera aspects of the flying machine. There are quite a number of camera drones available in the market right, with price ranging from a few hundreds to thousands dollars depending on the specs needed by the user.

What to Look For

When buying a camera drone for the first time and, for the simple purpose of capturing images or video footages, your main concern would be the camera specifications, assembly and price. Many amateur aerial photographers/videographers look for camera drones that deliver either 4k HD or 1080p images for clarity and vividness. Camera Gimbal System must also be considered as this gives more stabilized results for your device. Other camera features like frame, white balance, auto-focus, and rotation speed must also be considered. Software for tracking and recording must also be taken into mind. And of course the pricing should be in accordance with functionalities.

Best For

A rage among photography enthusiasts and film-makers, these camera drones are often used for aerial photography, land surveys, film scenes featuring stunning vistas, landmark footages, and many more. Businesses like farms also uses camera drones for monitoring. Camera drones can be used indoor or outdoor.

Best UAV Drones

UAVs have been in existence in the 90s but solely for armed forces defense system. There is also much debate on the difference between drones and UAVs leading to a lot of trends and improvement in the market. Today, UAVs are categorized according to consumers, prosumers and professionals. Let’s take a look:

What to Look For

  • Consumer UAVs encompass the category on tech toys. Mainly used by aerial photography and videography enthusiasts, this is the ultimate “starter” hobby aircraft. Compact and often, ready-to-fly, these UAVs lack some stabilization and tracking system. It is the ultimate answer to fun, showing off sessions with friends. The nano-sized Hubsan H107C is one basic example of a consumer AUV.

  • Prosumers usually cover the lower-end of drones, quad-copters and hexa-rotor types specifically designed for photo and video sessions. Common specs needed are 2 to 3-axis gimbal for stability, fixed camera angles, enabling VTOL, multi-rotors, and tracking system with less attention on skilled technical flying and performance level. The 4-k 3-axis stabilized camera of a DJI Phantom 3 is a fitting example on this one.

  • Professional UAVs are topnotch hexa-rotors and octo-rotors. Designed specifically to carry extra payloads which can satisfy high-end production requirements. More advanced features like high-speed recording, miniaturization of electronics, cinema quality, advanced software integration, and excellent tracking system are needed.
Best For

Like everything else, UAVs are used for capturing images and footages suited for aerial imagists. Consumer and prosumer UAVs are often interchangeable depending on the user’s budget capacity. Professional UAVs, however, require certain specifications that could entail a much steeper price. UAVs can also be used indoor or outdoor with heavy-duty ones relegated to outdoor use.

Best Mini Drones

Mini drones are the cheapest alternative when it comes to drones but still built with almost same battery life as bigger UAVs and camera drones. Most models lack the usual video-camera, gimbal system and all sorts of high-end system, though. This tech toys can be easily maneuvered on air and in small spaces (as most can fit virtually in one’s hand) and is a great choice for beginners learning some flight control skills.

What to Look For

When buying look for extended battery life for longer fun, 2.4gHz transmitter or higher, rotating functions, easy controls and protection guard as these are prone to crash.

Best For

Mini drones are better options than a regular RC toy. Designed mostly for fun and entertainment, this type of drone suits both beginners and enthusiasts who solely want to have fun. Kids also love these drones, which sometimes can carry Lego blocks and miniature toys while playing indoor.

In a Nutshell

For a beginner and weekend hobbyist, it is wise not to go for large drones, UAVs or quad-copters. These bigger varieties often have more complex structure. You can start with RTFs which are lightweight and which does not go far behind the common remote controlled toys you may have in the past. For professionals, however, the drones market is their playground. With new technology being developed every hour of every day, finding one that will enhance your love for everything aerial and covert will definitely come handy. To both— be wary about zone restrictions though and if possible, get a license to fly your drone.

Best drones to buy in 2015: Check out the best sellers!
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Best drones to buy in 2015: Check out the best sellers!
Finding really 'value-for-money' types of camera drone, UAV or quad-copter can be overwhelming. Here’s a guide on what to look for in every category..