Hexacopter vs. Quadcopter: Which One Is Right For You?

Drone-flying has become an international sensation in the last few years. But if you care to check the market, you will be amazed at the number of brands and models popping like corns on a hot kettle over the years and months. Old brands with their updated models competing with new entrants in the market easily results into a competitive scenario of hexacopter vs quadcopter vs octocopter, gyros and accelerometers, video-camera enhancements, gimbals, acrobatic moves, and many more.

When thinking of buying your very own multirotor (or perhaps as a present for someone special), the Skywalker Hexacopter might come to your mind. But with the current onslaught of quadcopters in the market, it is best to know precisely why this hexacopter will make a better choice. Here, let us scrutinize the details of the Skywalker Hexacopter versus the Hubsan X4 to give you a clearer and more concrete comparison.

The WL Toys Skywalker V323 80cm Large Scale Six-Motor 2.4GHz 4-Channel 6-Axis RC Hexacopter

DESIGN Why settle for a fit-in-your hand quad like the Hubsan X4 when you can have a Skywalker V323 Hexacopter with a size spanning some 32 inches in diameter but still made of durable ABS plastic. Designed with 6 blades, WL Toys also has these blades protected by a molded foam shell which absorbs shock at the moment of impact. Comes in a ready-to-fly design that is super stable with auto-locking props, this definitely adds to the aircraft’s capability to carry more weight than that of a quadcopter when needed.

FLIGHT POWER Just like the Hubsan X4, the Skywalker V323 Hexacopter comes in a ready-to-fly design but instead of placing it on a flat surface, the V323 can be hand thrown anytime, anywhere to fly. Think a huge one like the V323 can’t handle the throttle? Not really. With its huge size equipped with ultra-stable 6-blade design and complemented with CF Mode function, it is definitely easy and can handle windy situations that quads have a hard time with. The CF Mode function usually directs the flight controlled to remember which direction is “forward” thus, increasing efficiency in terms of maneuverability of the model. With almost 12 minutes of flying enjoyment, this hexacopter vs quadcopter like the Hubsan X4 will definitely show a lot of difference. Oh, be reminded also that the Skywalker V323 can handle up to 300 meters of distance.

REMOTE CONTROLLER This multi-rotor comes with a 2.4GHz 4-channel 6-axis remote control which can control the V323 at most 300 meters in distance. Quads can fly at around 100-150 meters only due to certain restrictions. Hexacopters like the Skywalker V323, on the other hand, have a direct advantage in terms of elevation and power due to the added two rotors. The hexacopter is also much safer than any quad there is. By virtue of its 6 rotors, the drone can lose one or two motors but will still be able to fly and land properly.

BATTERY LIFE Contrary to popular beliefs that the more rotors attached to a drone, the less flying time it has, the Skywalker V323 still maintains at most 12 minutes of drone-flying enjoyment. Charging time is still at 90 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the type of charger being used.  

CAMERA Now, here’s the best part, the Skywalker V323, by virtue of its 6 rotors, is able to carry a much heavier payload. Unlike the Hubsan X4, the Skywalker V323 can carry various types of high-end cameras or other heavier accessories for taking footages and stills.
SPARES The 6 blades of Skywalker V323 are carefully protected with round shells that absorb shock during impact or collision. Thus, the need for spares is often minimal. But if you want, you can always buy extras freely from Amazon along with your package to enjoy more discounts.

Feedbacks for the Skywalker V323 Hexacopter range from “WOW!” to “6-is-better-than-4”. Feel free to check out other no-nonsense reviews from actual users to learn the difference—and if satisfied, make sure to buy from reliable sites like Amazon.

The Verdict
So, what’s the best multi-rotor drone for you? Well, in most purchasing decisions, your preference is always what matters most—as well as your budget. Quads are, of course, affordable but they are less durable. Normally, 4-rotor drones are perfect for beginners and non-professionals looking for fun and enjoyment. Hexacopters, on the other hand, are ideal for experienced fliers, prolific hobbyists, and semi-professionals who are looking for a more durable and stable multirotor which can carry heavier weights.

Luckily, the Skywalker Hexacopter is one of the few 6-rotor drones that deliver the perks of a hexacopter without the usual hefty price tag. This is even more so today as the prices of multirotors continue to drop due to heavy competition. When thinking of buying a Skywalker Hexacopter, huge discounts can be had at Amazon. You can check out current discounted price HERE and, if I were you, I’d order one right away before this rig runs out of stock.

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