MiniDrone Parrot Rolling Spider: Putting Fun Into Action

Flying a drone for the first time? Why not start with a MiniDrone Parrot Rolling Spider? Drone-flying is, indeed, the rage at the moment. Unlike before, many pilot-wannabes and flying enthusiasts now enjoy sheer amount of choices ranging from less than a hundred to thousand-dollar drones, mini-drones, quads, mini-quads, multi-rotors, and so on.

When new in the drone-flying arena, you might want to consider harnessing your flying and maneuvering skills with less expensive mini-drones like the Parrot Rolling Spider here. To give you an idea on what it has on offer, here is a comprehensive review just for you.

The Uber-Versatile Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider White – Connected toy – Fly and roll anywhere – FreeFlight 3 App iOS, Android & Windows Phone – Bluetooth 4.0

DESIGN An ultra-compact mini drone, the Parrot Rolling Spider is one of the most versatile mini rigs ever introduced in the market. Featuring ultrasonic sensor, a vertical camera, a pressure sensor, a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer, this is one small-but-powerful drone built for stability and speed. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, it has a removable wheel that rolls across the floor, walls or ceilings like a spider doing acrobats. What made it even more fun are the stickers which give you freedom to “dress up” your mini drone for a more unique feel.

FLIGHT POWER The minidrone Parrot Rolling Spider comes equipped with Bluetooth Smart Technology allowing it to be connected directly to a smartphone, tablet or any mobile device running on iOS or Android. Using the free application FreeFlight 3, it can be piloted (or driven) using the said mobile devices easily either indoors or outdoors for some fun and lively 360-, 180- or 90-degree flips. It can even be pre-programmed to perform acrobatic moves as indicated on the app. Tired of flying? Then, simply attach the rolling wheels for it to roll on floors, walls and across the ceiling. Whether indoors or outdoors, the mini quad can fly up to 18 km per hour or 11 mph and once in the air, the takeoff button becomes a Land button and with just a single tap, it will slowly descend to the ground. You may also refer to a series of video tutorials on YouTube from Parrot.

CONTROLLER  Uniquely Parrot, the Rolling Spider mini-drone can be easily controlled, maneuvered, piloted or driven via the FreeFlight 3.0 app available on iOS, Android and Windows 8.1. Connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth, your phone or tablet will then automatically become your remote control for the mini-rig as it takes off, do a back-flip, roll or what-have-you on the ground, up the ceiling or in the sky. Do take note that there is also an ACE mode on the Rolling Spider which allows you to do quick 90 and 180-degree turns. JOYPAD mode, on the other hand, activates your camera and pops up a record button while turning off your device’s accelerometer. Truly, this Bluetooth Smart Technology is what makes the Parrot Rolling Spider mini-drone super-intuitive and tactile as well as power-packed amid its diminutive size.

BATTERY  The mini-quad is equipped with a 3.7 V 550 mAh LiPo rechargeable battery that allows it to fly up to 8 minutes. Though the battery is compatible with a Parrot Jumping Sumo, it cannot be helped that such a short-span battery life can be frustrating at times. Be reminded though to shut it off and let the battery cool down before recharging as well as to make use of 0.7A or less battery charger to maximize its flying time.

CAMERA The mini-quad comes with an embedded vertical 360-px mini-camera that can take 640×480-pixel stills every 16 millisecond. At 33 feet or 10 meters, the Parrot Rolling Spider can get some interesting shots depending on the location and situation.

SPARES Spares can be easily searched and bought online. When thinking of buying spare props, batteries, wheels, and so on, it is strongly recommended to buy from reliable websites like Amazon. You may even buy spares along with your kit from Amazon to enjoy discounts and other noteworthy perks.

Reviews about the Mini-Drone Parrot Rolling Spider are mixed with some having issues with its short-span battery life and charging with 1A. The key is to use a charger that provides a maximum of 0.7A or less like that of a phone charger with a micro-USB plug. This will help make the battery last longer. Also, it would be wise to let the battery cool down before charging. You may also opt to check Amazon every now and then, as sometimes, buying a kit can come with a spare battery depending on the promotions being done. All in all reviews are leaning on the positive. You may check out for more reference.

If satisfied, simply check out Amazon’s latest discounted price HERE.


Amid the battery issue, the Mini Drone Parrot Rolling Spider is one of the easiest mini-quad to control using a handy smartphone or a tablet. Stable and action-packed, this indoor/outdoor drone is one great starter drone for beginners and hobbyists who are simply looking for a fun and enjoyable way of learning the ropes in drone-flying. Choose your color—red, blue or white— and buy one from Amazon today to enjoy free shipping.

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