Top 3 Best Drones for GoPro Camera in 2015

You can transform your drone-flying experiences into a series of unplanned adventures. Armed with a GoPro camera, one can conveniently record seemingly simple undertakings and turn it into something extraordinary. Can you imagine the sheer thrill of exploring the ground from the air and getting the feel (and the footages) without even moving an inch from where you’re sitting or standing at? For that reason, the world of drones or UAVs has finally opened up to the go-to HD personal camera to add more charge to the experience—and the era of the best drones for GoPro camera is born.

From simple pleasures in life to recreational photography, real estate and mapping, cinematography, public safety, agriculture, commercial applications or pure fun catching bloopers on friends and family members, GoPro cameras attached to drones is a growing trend among flying enthusiasts. For this reason, many drone manufacturers are creating the best drones specifically to cater to the growing boon in GoPro camera users.

With the number of GoPro-ready drones and quads these days, finding one that suits your taste and requirements can be a challenge. To help you on this quest, we have compiled the top 3 GoPro-ready drones for your convenience.

Here’s a quick look on what each model has to offer:

Model/BrandVisualHighlightsWhere to Buy
3DR IRIS+ Multicopter 915 MHz3DR-IRIS+Multicopter-915-MHz• 16-22 minutes flying time
• RTF with both standalone remote controller and online streaming with iOS and Android
• Follow Me - 3DR’s 3rd Person View (3PV)
• With automatic mission planning
• Flight protection
• Compatible with GoPro Hero3 HD video-camera
• Needs to install 2-axis stabilization gimbal
Walkera QR X350 RTF Drone Quadcopter w/ Devo7Walkera-QR-X350-RTF-Drone-Quadcopter• GPS altitude hold system,
• Single-key return home
• GoPro-ready
• 25 minutes flight time
• Great for recreational photography
Phantom 2 Quadcopter by DJIPhantom-2-by-DJI• RTF all-in-one cost-effective package
• Comes with a 2.4GHz RC
• Longer flight time at approximately 25 minutes
• Wider flight capacity at 1km
• Fast and efficient with self-tightening propellers and high intensity LED lights
• Controlled by either mobile app or standalone remote controller
• Great for recreational photography and consumer applications

Now, for the details of each of the best drones for GoPro camera..

3DR IRIS+ Multicopter 915 MHz

DESIGN. The 3D Robotics IRIS+ Multicopter is designed to impress. The 2nd generation of 3D Robotics consumer quads, this comes with an onboard 1GHz computer capability that streams video/stills from a GoPro directly to a smartphone or a tablet. It also has a screw-on self-tightening props for easy assembly. Designed to roam the skies for recreational purposes, it can cover much longer range at an impressive speed. GoPro gimbal comes separately but can be easily added to the quad without much fuss.

FLIGHT POWER. Built with advance safety features, it comes with an astoundingly stable and durable RTF frame equipped with Pixhawk autopilot system that allow it to fly on its own while maintaining excellent video quality and camera stability via a 2-axis gimbal stabilization (optional).

It also features the 3PV Follow-Me mode for hands-free piloting. This can be done by linking the quad to any GPS-enabled Android device. With integrated LEDs embedded on its arms, it can land itself automatically or be programmed to conveniently return home.Of course, when it comes to speed, this one can deliver an astounding 40mph, by far, one of the fastest there is in the market.
Approximate flight time is 16-22 minutes.
Approximate distance covered: 3280feet.

CONTROLLER. The drone can be easily controlled via any Mac, PC or Android device. This is where pilots usually program an Automatic Mission Planning setting for a predetermined flight plan. But it also has a stand-alone remote controller complete with on-screen telemetry to ensure control.

BATTERY. The 3D Robotics IRIS+ Multicopter comes as a fully outfitted RTF with a 5100 mAH battery. This battery can be recharged for an astounding 30 minutes making it one of the fastest rechargeable drones in the market.

CAMERA. The IRIS+ does not come equipped with a built-in camera. One needs to install a two-axis stabilization gimbal that will ensure videos and stills are taken smoothly and steadily. It is compatible with GoPro Hero3+ HD camera. Video footages and photo stills can be saved on an SD card as well as be seen on a built-in screen of the standalone controller. It can also be saved directly to the tablet or smartphone while in flight.

SPARES. This fast drone comes with extra set of props and replacement arms for convenience. Storage of such is also made more secure with the added carrying case. All other spares can be easily found in Amazon.

Truly the 3D Robotics IRIS+ Multicopter has earned quite a following among recreational photographers and real estate surveyors/planners as evidenced by their positive reviews. You can order one for your own to truly know the difference.

amazon-buttonNext in line to the best drones for GoPro camera..

Walkera QR X350 RTF Drone Quadcopter w/ Devo7

DESIGN. The Walkera QR X350 RTF Drone Quadcopter w/ Devo7 is quite small but can still hold and deliver such astounding features. It comes with a 2-axis gimbal helping the camera to be oriented and tilted in the same route as the drone. The frame and props are made from highly durable material that allows it to withstand crashes. This makes a good drone to fly for first-timers and GoPro lovers.

FLIGHT POWER. When mounted with a GoPro gimbal, the QR X350 offers an approximately 25 minutes of fun flight. Though Walkera is renowned for its top of the line drones in the market, the QR X350 is, by far, the simplest model in its portable GPS drone product line. This quad’s GPS module simply allows the quad to hover while locking in the correct attitude. With it comes Devo7 2.4GHz transmitter, one-key return home, GPS altitude hover, and WiFi control. It can sweep at least a kilometer of space for that exhilarating pilot feel.

CONTROLLER. Though the QR X350 can be maneuvered using a smartphone or tablet, it still features a sturdy stand-alone remote controller. It has a GPS Altitude Hold System, a single-key return home, altitude sensor with optional GoPro camera mouth.

BATTERY. Possessing longer battery life than most drones, the Walkera QR X350 is super-fast. It possesses a 25C 3S 2200mAH 11.1v LiPo rechargeable battery which can fly the quad at an impressive speed of 45mph. This battery also enables the drone-flyer at most 25 minutes of fun experience. Batteries can be charged in approximately 60minutes thereof.

CAMERA. The QR X350 does not come with the package. Though GoPro ready, one needs to order a compatible camera and preferably, living nearer. One can order a compatible camera with Walkera or go for more popular GoPro Hero3 to deliver high quality video footage and camera stills.

SPARES. Buying spares can be quite easy. Simply look for the ones you need in Amazon and you can have it delivered to your front step in no time.

With amazing reviews being given by actual users, do not miss out on the GoPro fun by ordering a kit from Amazon.

And the last but not least of the best drones for GoPro camera..

Phantom 2 by DJI 

DESIGN. Lightweight yet heavy in features, the DJI Phantom 2 comes with astounding features at such an affordable price. This second generation quadcopter offers semi-autonomous flight patterns and much longer flight times. Best of all, it synchs perfectly with a GoPro via a customized H3-2D and H3-#D gimbal support system. With a durable body made from tough microfiber synthetics, the Phantom 2’s propellers also possess self-tightening mechanism convenient in an RTF.

FLIGHT POWER. DJI’s prowess in designing the best drones in the market knows no bounds. Though considered “obsolete” by DJI standards, the Phantom 2 features Naza-M V2 GPS-controlled auto-pilot system. This allows for position and altitude hold and, a “return-home” mechanism should it lose contact with the controller. Topping off the list of features, the DJI Phantom 2 is also compatible with iPad’s Ground Station App necessary in autonomous flights by virtue of GPS waypoints. Covering 1km in distance, it has an approximate flight time of more or less 25 minutes.

CONTROLLER. The Phantom 2 comes with a 2.4GHz remote control receiver. It can scale a distance of approximately 1kilometer and can speed up at 15m/s horizontally and 6 m/s vertically. It has both attitude and GPS flight modes for the flyer to choose from. Uses 4AA batteries.

BATTERY. One of the most awesome upgrade done in the Phantom 2 lies in its plug-and-play 5,200 mAH LiPo rechargeable battery. Gone are the days of connecting DC leads as this one simply slides into the slot’s tail. On the outset, a 4-indicator LED helps provides the flyer a way to monitor the battery’s charge while in flight. Battery life can fly at most 25 minutes when fully charged.

CAMERA. The quad does not come with a camera. It, however, features a Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal that allows ultra-stability and suave video recording. Gimbal can take a few minutes to install.

SPARES. Spares are so easy to find, too. You can shop for them in Amazon.

The Phantom 2 by DJI is continually earning amazing reviews from actual users. You can also buy one for your own to fully enjoy a GoPro adventure.

The Verdict

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Flying a drone with an attached GoPro is quite an exhilarating experience. Not only will your quad rule the sky, you get to enjoy more vivid pictures, too. To start, take a pick from these three best drones for GoPro camera and order it from Amazon. This is one way of putting more enjoyment into play. With any of these, you can basically make better recreational photos and videos for everyone’s enjoyment.

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