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With the advent of technology, aerial photography and videography has become quite the rave nowadays. Some of the most stunning images of landscapes, wildlife, uninhabited and unreachable places, and other next-to-impossible venues which cannot be captured with a simple camera or video can now be made possible with the use of UAV Drones. But with the many tools, techniques and updates on these gadgets, things can easily get too confusing and difficult to master.

So, when it comes to UAV drones, three names continually come head to head in the RTF department – DJI Phantom, Dromina Ominus and XIRO Xplorer. To give you a background, here are some snippets of these awesome UAV drones which sell like hotcakes on the market today.

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

When it comes to UAV Drones, the brand DJI always comes on top. The DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter with a Go-Pro mount is a superb entry-level professional quadcopter that makes a good training platform for new drone pilots. It is, however, mostly used by filmmakers, aerial photographers and RC enthusiasts. It is also considered the most well-liked “prosumer” camera drone in the market receiving some of the highest ratings in the industry due to its user-friendly features and characteristics, safety features, stability, and durability uncommon in other RTFs.


Avid users of the DJI Phantom with GoPro mount found it:

  • fun to fly
  • powerfully built
  • durable and stable
  • responsive
  • compatible with GoPro and other 3rd party add-ons
  • with auto pilot, stay-in-place capability
  • return home function
  • camera mount included

Some notable drawbacks of the DJI Phantom with GoPro mount:

  • prone to flyaways
  • limited battery life, requires spare batteries
  • remote control not user-savvy for novice pilots
  • poor instruction manuals and video tutorial by manufacturer
  • absence of Wi-Fi streaming
  • interference of the drone’s flight behavior with power lines, Wi-Fi technology, concrete and steel, and other man-made sources
  • requires onboard compass for GPS
Here’s a video of the DJI Phantom with GoPro mount that will make its working crystal clear. Just click and view…..

Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF

When it comes to pocket-friendly UAV drones, the Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF comes handy. Built for novice pilots and entry-level UAV enthusiasts, this quad comes as easy as getting out of the box, inserting the battery and USB, crank it up, and you are off to go. Given its size, it can handle hard stumbles, thus definitely among the toughest quad out there. With a beginner through advance flight modes on a simple flip-button structure, it exudes maximum fun. Its awesome single-page infographic manual that contains basic flight instructions and trim PLUS inexpensive spare parts simply round up why many beginners love this model.

Pros of this tough model:

  • multi-talent level function
  • s turdy framework for utmost durability
  • inexpensive spares
  • c ool LED lights and sensors
  • sold with or without camera
  • longer battery life
  • distinctive nose for easy recognition
  • affordable


  • zero blade protectors
  • no upgrade available for remote transmitter to FPV
  • l oud motors
  • prone to fly-aways in blowing wind condition
This short video tutorial highlights the awesome attributes of this drone

XIRO Xplorer Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter

One of the most well-constructed and professional looking rig, the XIRO Xplorer Aerial UAV drone quadcopter makes a good companion for an aerial photography/videography wannabe or expert. It comes with a mounted gimbal for GoPro which can be easily disconnected for storage. With its awesome fit and finish, this UAV drone is fit for avid aerial photography and videography lovers or simply plays for fun without a camera mounted.


  • awesome fit and finish
  • empty gimbal for a GoPro Hero4 that gets easily disconnected for storage
  • well-designed controller with hidden retractable Smartphone holder
  • allows FPV live view via Smartphone
  • can be broken down to fit smaller packages
Cons as discussed by critics:

  • compass calibration issues in open spaces
  • back becomes heavy sans gimbal mount
  • gimbal cannot control GoPro lower than Hero4
  • complex battery pack notches
  • battery gets super hot when charging

Learn more about the XIRO Xplorer with this exclusive video:

In A Nutshell

These UAV Drones for sale are just some of the more sophisticated yet user-friendly gears in the market today. Whichever you choose, each of these drones is aimed at capturing stunning aerial shots sans the effort. If you are ready to explore the wonderful world of photography and videography from an elevated visual perspective, grab any of these quads today.

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