Which Do You Think Are The Top Quadcopters? Read on…

Till even a few years ago, camera drones were a niche gadget, used particularly by camera and news crews or owned by enthusiasts alone. However, in recent times, many a person is dabbling in aerial photography and videography. And that is best and easily possible with the help of quadcopters. And you must surely be knowing what a quadcopter is going to do – and also exactly what you need it for. However, there is always the question about the top quadcopters for every kind of flyer and need. And today we’ll talk a little about that.

There are certain quadcopters which are good for beginners as well as experienced flyers. On the other hand, there are certain quadcopters that are not that easy to manage and should only be considered by experienced flyers – and here we are mainly referring to what are called nanoquadcopters.

Nano or Micro Quadcopters

This is not to say that small quadcopters do not make for good gadgets. In fact, for the experienced flyer these can be great – since they are smaller, lighter, and easier to maneuver in smaller spaces. And yet, if you are a beginner, you’d best stay away. Because there are quite a few issues with these, as yet unsolved. Firstly, since they are so small, there is also less space for a battery, and they compensate by putting in smaller batteries with less battery life. They are also more difficult to fly, since the low weight does not really compensate for the weight of the propellers. However, if you are a pro – then we have a great micro quadcopter for you to check out – or there are a series of small mini drones.

Now speaking of heavier copters, we need to check out hexacopters. On the face of them, they are heavier and more durable and so would be a better investment. But then quadcopters are cheaper – and for many people quadcopters are a better option. Wondering what we mean by this? Well, why not go and check out the Hexacopter vs. Quadcopter discussion!

What else to keep in mind?

When buying a drone or a quadcopter, you actually need to put in some thought besides things like durability, weight and speed alone. Yes, these do determine which quadcopter is good – and exactly why. But besides these too – quadcopter selection should always be done on the basis of the important factor of purpose or who it is meant for. For instance, if you are buying a quadcopter for a kid, you need to keep safety first and foremost in your mind. And ease of flying is a close second. If the drone is too difficult to fly, it won’t appeal to the kid. And if it isn’t safe and may hurt the child – would you be doing the right thing by giving it to him? Consider these factors. On the other hand if you know you want it for yourself or for a friend who’s interested in drone racing – then be sure to check out some of the latest racing quadcopters for obvious reasons!

And finally here are a few of the top picks we found that you could also check out:

And of course, while you are at it, you may as well also check out some Top Quadcopter motors – after all if you are going to be seriously into drone flying, you will eventually need to replace the motors! And it is fun to do that too… So you have all the basic details on the top quadcopters and how to find them here – and there is a lot more information as well as recommendations when you check out the other pages. So go ahead and look them up now!

Which Do You Think Are The Top Quadcopters? Read on…
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Which Do You Think Are The Top Quadcopters? Read on…
Looking to buy a quadcopter for yourself or as a gift? But which should you buy? Well – the lowdown is right here for you – check it out!